I am a mum of one little divil with a passion for hand lettering, photography, patterns & colour. Having a background in both Interior and Graphic design this is my creative outlet. Being a proud Irish Australian I am inspired by many designers and artists, i think the one closest to my Australian home at the moment, although it is a completely different style would be Jude Taylor. I have always in been in awe of Jude's Design's and was lucky enough to attend one of her lino cutting workshops just before the little divil arrived!
I wanted to be able to combine my love for screen printing with my design skills to make unique and handcrafted designs for little ones at an affordable price. I am concentrating on onesies at the moment as this was the best place to start. In the future however i would like to see Little Divils evolve to designing fabric and other apparel.
Each item is designed and hand printed by me. This means that each item is unique and due to the nature of this there may be minute variations between each item in terms of placement and colour, this also means that the colour can differ slightly from device screen too.
Our motto is giving a gift and share the love.
The idea behind this is that these items are luxury items for those fortunate enough to have disposable income to buy them. There are so many people without this luxury, and so we have pledged to donate 5% of all our sales to AYLA Inc. We feel it is important to support those less fortunate than ourselves as you yourself never know when you may need help.  We chose AYLA Inc as it is a local charity for us, and their message and focus is about getting the community together to help the community. 

Our Story